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Ministries We Offer

Prayer Ministry

Intercessory Prayer - Prayer is one of the most essential building blocks to a family structure. New Life Christian Ministries is dedicated to intercessory prayer for the Body of Christ and beyond. We also provide educational resources to help Christians learn more about prayer.

Minister's Ministry

- A Minister is an extended arm of the Pastor and must minister to the congregation as a representative in matters that will further the growth of the individual member(s) and the corporate body. As a minister, one is to be passionate to develop a more Christ-like congregation and be committed to the standard of ministry proclaimed by the written and preached Word of God. It is the Minister’s responsibility to attend to the needs of the members of the church, as assigned or as related to the spiritual and the temporal needs that may arise. Another responsibility of a Minister is to teach a sound doctrine based on the Word of God.

NLCM Men's MinistryMen's Ministry

Deacons - The Deacon’s Ministry assists the Senior Pastor in being a spiritual leader of the Church. They shall have the responsibility of assisting the Senior Pastor in the conduct of worship services, spiritual affairs of the Church, visiting and ministering to members and to serve in any area of need that might arise within the body.

Men of Standard - The Men's Ministry is devoted to giving men the tools needed in overcoming personal obstacles and limitations to become today's family and community leaders. Through biblical principles, men are able to become better fathers, husbands, and sons. Positive Christian mentoring and friendships help men reinforce accountability to their families and each other. Men should feel empowered to achieve all of their goals.

Brotherhood Outings - These outings are all about men getting together to do what they like to do. Sometimes watching their favorite teams play, sometimes a little friendly competition, but all the time a GREAT TIME! Positive friendships are built through the influence of fellowship.

Single Men's Ministry - The single men's ministry at New Life Christian Ministries is committed to building godly men to serve Christ in their home, church, career and community. The single men's ministry places great emphasis on developing relationships in and among men while encouraging and providing support to them in their walk with Christ.

Women's Ministry

Deaconess Ministry - assists the Senior Pastor in being a spiritual leader of the Church. They shall have the responsibility of assisting the Senior Pastor in the conduct of worship services, spiritual affairs of the Church, visiting and ministering to members and to serve in any area of need that might arise within the body.

Women of Iron - lead by the Sprit of Love, the Women's Department is committed to dealing with the total woman. Through empowerment classes, unity meetings, and a variety of other events, women discover that Jesus heals every hurt, fulfills every need and satisfies every desire. Women should also feel empowered to achieve all of their goals. Female mentors help teach our young women how to look, act, and think like daughters of the King.

Women's Outings - The women of New Life Christian Ministries like to get together and enjoy each other. Women's Ministry leaders hold outings that promote the bonds of friendship between our women.

Single Women's Ministry -We are determined to dispose the myth that women need a man to be fulfilled in the ministry. The single women's ministry gives our single sisters in the Lord someone else they can talk to, bond with, pray with, and enjoy being single with.

Family Ministry

Family Retreats -The New Life Christian Ministries family has a ball together! Retreats combine fun and fellowship. Annual Fun Day, Annual Fall Festival etc… The result is FUN, FUN FUN!!!

Marriage Seminars (Marriage Ministry) - Married couples are taught the truth about loving, lasting marriages. They are given the biblical principles that lead to successful marriages.

Divorce Ministry for Adults - This ministry was formed to offer support to individuals who are divorced or currently facing a divorce during this difficult time of transition.

NLCM Youth and Children's MinistryYouth & Children’s Ministry

Youth & Children’s Bible Study
-The youth of New Life Christian Ministries are able to stand against the enemy. Bible study teaches youth what the Word says about the situations they deal with daily. Bible study regularly includes role-play, rap sessions, and counseling about every issue the youth feel is important to remaining victorious!

Divorce Ministry for Kids - Our mission is to educate children who are forced, by no choice of their own, to wonder between and try to adjust to two separate worlds. When a couple chooses to divorce, at least one party makes a choice. Far from choosing, the children of that divorce, forces upon them a whole new way of life. Contrary to the idea that children are flexible and bounce back from their parents’ divorce, we seek ways there have been a multitude of studies that show the emotional impact that divorce has on children at the time of the divorce, throughout their childhoods, and into adulthood.

NLCM Dance MinistryMinistry of Arts

Praise and Worship -The members of the praise and worship team of New Life Christian Ministries are all dedicated to helping others feel free in worshiping and praising the Lord. Determined to be living sacrifices unto the Lord, they encourage others to find the liberty and victory that comes in praising the Lord.

Dance Ministry - Offering their bodies as praise unto the Lord, the members of the Dance Team experience freedom in praising the Lord with their entire bodies. Their ministry invokes others to lift their hands, move their feet, and even dance before the Lord in worship. Both the young and old can learn to dance before the Lord.

Ministry of Helps “The motivating factor of the Helps Ministry is LOVE”

Hospitality Ministry - Hospitality focuses on the needs of others to create a nurturing loving environment for New Life Christian Ministries at large or any guests or strangers.

Evangelistic Ministry - The main focus of the Evangelistic Ministry of New Life Christian Ministries is that all souls would be won to Christ. Our desire as we go to prisons, shelters and adolescent homes is that yokes will be destroyed and generational curses will be lifted. “We are preparing to take down Satan’s kingdom through the Word of God!”

Transportation Ministry - To supply reliable and safe transportation to and from worship services and other church related functions as necessary. To provide transportation services to members and non-members alike who have a desire to attend any services or classes at New Life Christian Ministries.

Clothing Ministry - Distributes gently-used and new clothing, to the community or where the need exists.

Food Ministry -Distributes food, to the community or where the need exists.

Bereavement Ministry - The Bereavement Ministry Program provides a wealth of resources needed to create a total, flexible program –enabling ministers to meet the needs of grieving persons within New Life Christian Ministries and the community.



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